“We’re working in Dog Years”

smartcompanysquare-useI spoke with Smartcompany Magazine recently about my business, how I grew it to be Australia’s largest Oracle consulting practice. It was a useful opportunity to reflect on what I’ve learnt along the way. You can read the whole article here but I thought I’d pull out and highlight some of the key points:

  • From a leadership perspective, I think the style of carrot and stick doesn’t work anymore.
  • You need three things to motivate people: autonomy, mastery and purpose. People need to feel autonomous, they need to master a skill capability or technology and they need to feel a personal purpose that is aligned to the organisation’s.
  • If people are motivated, they do incredible things.
  • A business has a responsibility to its shareholders to make money, but in making money, other stakeholders might also benefit. I can make money and improve the world I live in, or I can take it a step further and also make it a nice environment for all stakeholders.
  • We have to think about the ripple effect. We live in a world of finite resources and destroying those resources to become more profitable is not necessarily a good thing.
  • It’s much faster to release a minimally viable product, test it and then refine it until it works. Timelines have changed. Twenty years ago you may have spent a year looking at strategy and execution, but in that time you haven’t done any testing. We no longer have that luxury. We’re working in dog years, six or seven times faster.

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