From little things, big things grow…

We had some nice coverage in the Australian this week, detailing the growth we are experiencing at the moment. The IT editor Stuart Kennedy spoke to me about how we were growing and I provided an overview of how we were building out our practice:

TheAusIT - NOv12

Naturally this is a summary of our conversation and I went into more detail about the consolidation trend I was seeing in the market as customers were demanding more of an end-to-end service.  In many ways this explains our growth at the moment. We have been able to provide customers with a much more comprehensive consulting service because as Oracle has expanded its offering, so we have expanded our expertise and scope. The acquisition of Tripoint Online’s Peoplesoft expertise earlier this year is a great example of that. As that growth has come in depth, we have also expanded across ANZ, opening new offices in Perth recently and investing in our New Zealand practice (most recently with this acquisition of Jireh).

Our growth has been steady – $75 million to 150 million in just three years – and we should be on track to hit $200 million in the next 12 to 18 months. It is not easy growing at this rate, but I believe that as long as we focus mainly on a commitment to customers and an adherence to our strong sense of corporate culture, we can sustain it. Time will of course be the judge!