Ten Leadership Tips from the AICD

leadershipFollowing on from a list of Influential Leadership Books crowdsourced from a discussion in the Australian Institute of Company Directors Group on LinkedIn (which you can see here); from a subsequent discussion I have been able to compile ten Leadership Tips from within the same Group:

1. “Don’t assume you’re the smartest guy in the room! Underestimate the intelligence and astuteness of your people at your peril!”

Paul Milchem, Managing Director, Human Dynamic Group

2. “Be authentic. Leaders who don’t understand that staff see through their behaviour…are kidding themselves and undermining their own ability to lead effectively.”

Lyn Boxall, Singapore Committee of the AICD

3. “Focus on the behaviours of mindfulness, hope and compassion to be a resonant leader”

Claire Davis, Accredited Coach, Accelerate Global

4. “Be Self-aware. It is important to understand what we are like, how people perceive us and how we can change it for the better.”

Jennifer Dignam, Head of HR, Tanker Pacific Management

5. “Good leaders should operate with humility.”

Gary Morgan, CEO, Co-operative Bushfire Research Centre

6. “Leaders do not copy and just follow. Leaders innovate and challenge.”

Alma Tiamzon, owner, ADT Management Services

7. “Failure to accept our own fallibility is often the cause of self-destruction.”

Pamela Murray Jones, Founder, Focus Business Strategy and Coaching

8. “Real leaders bring the rest of the team along on the journey – because they have a vision that’s communicated and inclusive.”

Alistair Grinbergs, Executive Director, Ironbark Heritage & Environment Pty Ltd

9. “A leader should never let bad behaviour from staff or colleagues go unchallenged.”

Guy Wilson-Browne, Infrastructure Director, Yarra City Council

10. “A leader must walk the walk to gain his team’s respect and commitment.”

Jonathan Rubinsztein, CEO, Red Rock Consulting